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The Copeland family is one of the largest, if not the largest family in Maries County. I've had a sister marry into them and an aunt marry into them. They are a colorful, fun loving people. I will try to compile some information on them from marriage, cemetery, census and history books about Maries County. I hesitate about doing look-ups for Maries County because the Maries County Historical Society has made so much information available to everyone, there is not much need to do so. I do these things so the information is in one article and you and I don't have to look through a bunch of different stuff. I hope this will be of help to someone. I will separate the families into the townships they settled to keep the lines separate. There are at least two big lines that came from Tennessee and are probably related. I am not researching this family, I am just consolidating information for the descendants to glean through and pick out what concerns them.

The oldest of the Copelands to settle in Maries County was William
Copeland Sr. who was married to Martha Taff. The following are their
children according to Dr. King: Joseph, Davis, Callaway, Peter, Solomon
Jr., John, William Riley, Mary Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Sallie.
Not much is known about these children but: Mary Elizabeth married
John F. Carnes. Rebecca married William Shockley Sr. Sallie married Lytle Lambeth.

Davis Copeland married Sybilla Moss and had three children:William,
Marion, and Henderson. Davis also married Mrs. Malinda Woolsey
(Miller) and had one son, Samuel P. Copeland.
Davis's son, Henderson married Dollie Roberson and had the following
children: Roe, Homer, Freeman, Eunice, Della, Sterling, Mabel.
Callaway Copeland married a daughter of John Y. Martin and had several
children, but only James Copeland is known. They lived in Laclede Co.

William Riley married Rachel Vaughan and had the following children:
James, Robert, Nancy, Mary, Lucinda, and Bertie. Nancy married
Vincent D. Stewart Jr., 10/5/1881. Bertie married William Gove,
Mary J. married Thomas William Haggerty, 10/25/1887.
Lucinda married Peter Terry, 3/16/1889. (Lucinda is Pleasant's girl)
Robert Copeland married Sarah Ann Collins and had the following
children: James, Lee, Hattie, Gertie, Lena, and Anna.

Solomon Copeland Jr., wife unknown, had two sons: John Jr. to Mrs.
Bathrick-Kelly-Shockley, no children. Callaway had three children: May,
George, and Louella. Louella married Thomas G. Ellis.
In the 1910 census: (Boone Twp) May Copeland age 16, was living as a
servant with Charles & Sarah Pearson.
In the 1910 census: (Boone Twp) George Copeland age 20, living with
George & Edna Butcher, as a Hired Man.

Peter Copeland married Nancy Shockley and had the following children:
Fannie, Lottie, and Rosa. Fannie married "Babe" Loupe. Lottie married
Charles Burrows and had three children: Lottie, Alice & Leonard. Rosa
Copeland married Edward Crum.

Joseph Copeland Junior married Ann Carnes.

John Copeland, son of William Sr, married Mary America Wiseman.
They had the following children: Francis Marion, William M., Albert
Wiseman, Calvin C., John Richard, Telitha T., Myra D., Eliza J., and
Matilda R.Copeland.

===================Boone Twp=====================

1880 census: (Boone Twp)
Solomon Copeland age 52 (Tn) both parents (Tn)
Elizabeth age 35 (Mo) father (Ky) mother (Tn)
(all children born Mo.)
Calloway age 21 (married Eliza Jane Ginn, 7/20/1884.
George H. age 19
William J. age 16
Mary J. age 11
Amanda M. age 2 (married George W. Ginn)
(Solomon was the son of William Copeland Sr. & Martha Copeland (Taff)
1900 census: (Boone Twp)
Elizabeth Copeland age 59? (55) (wd)
(living with her daughter, George W. & Amanda (Copeland) Ginn)

1900 census: (Boone Twp)-------------------------
Albert Copeland married Jane Breeden, 1/8/1871.
Albert Copeland age 51 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Jane age 48 (Mo) father (Tn) mother (Mo)
Dolph age 18 (Mo)
Frank age 15 (Mo)
Everett age 10 (Mo)
Edward age 8 (Mo)
Edna age 4 (Mo)
1910 census: (Boone Twp)-------------------------
Albert Copeland age 61
Jane age 57
Edward age 18 (married Catherine Roberds)
Edna age 14 (married William Conner)
1920 census: (Boone Twp)--------------------------
Albert Copeland age 71
Jane age 67
Wm. Johnie Conner age 36
Edna Conner (Copeland) 23
Virgil Conner age 5
Edward Copeland age 28
Kate (Catherine Roberds) age 26
Kenneth age 5
Alma age 1

1910 census: (Boone Twp)
Adolphus (Dolph) Copeland age 27 (Albert's son)
Arizona Zana (Pearson) age 25
Lola age 6
Tony F. age 2

1910 census: (Boone Twp)-------------
Everett Copeland age 21 (Albert's son)
Daisy (Barnhart)age 18
1920 census: (Boone Twp)--------------
Everett Copeland age 30? (31)
Daisy age 30? (28)
Velcia age 8

1910 census: (Boone Twp)
Frank Copeland age 25 (Albert's son)
Paralee (Barnhart)age 24
Rebal age 3

1910 census: (Boone Twp)
Elizabeth Copeland age 70 living with her daughter Amanda &
George Ginn.

1900 census: (Boone Twp)
Isaac Martin age 20 (Mo)
Josie age 35 (Mo)
Mattie Copeland age 10 (step-dau)
George Copeland age 8 (step-son)
Amanda Copeland age 5 (step-dau)

1880 census: (Boone Twp)
Andrew J. Copeland married Rachel C. Holeman/Hollman, 11/3/1870.
A. J. Copeland age 33 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Rachel C. age 26 (ILL) both parents (Ky)
(all children born (Mo)
Sarah age 7
Solomon age 5
Mary age 3
Isona age 1

=================Jackson Twp=====================

1900 census: (Jackson Twp) (Andrew & Rachel moved from Boone Twp)
Andrew J. Copeland age 52 (Mo)
Rachel C. age 46 (ILL)
Louisa A. age 19 (Mo)
Alex M. age 17 (Mo)
Nettie A. age 15 (Mo)
Jessie J. age 8 (Mo)
Milton Shockley age 20 (Mo)
1910 census: (Jackson Twp)-------------------
Andrew Jackson Copeland age 62
Rachel Charlotte age 59? (56)
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)---------------------
Andrew J. Copeland age 72
Rachel age 67

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)
Alexander M. Copeland age 26 (Andrew & Rachel's son)
Jennie K. age 24

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
Joseph S. Copeland age 39 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Elizabeth age 38 (Mo) both parents (N.C.)
Seamon A. age 14 (Mo)
Louella age 6 (Mo)
Eliza F. age 4 (Mo)
Wade H. age 2 (Mo)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
William M. Copeland married Louisa Eveline Cowan, 8/19/1860
William M. Copeland age 38 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Louisa A. age 37 (Mo) both parents (N.C.)
Mary E. age 18
Telitha age 17
Lumina E. age 15 (married Frank Terry)
Julia A. age 14 (married G. W. Terry,6/15/1884)
Myra Cansada age 13 (married Samuel Byrd Terwilliger, 4/11/1886)
Calvin C. age 10
David A. age 9
Granville age 8
John L. age 5 (married Rosa Duffin)
Minnie A. age 3
Lorenzo D. age 1

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
John W. Copeland married Sarah Stellar, 6/23/1874.
John W. Copeland 50 (Mo) father (Mo) mother (Tn)
Sarah H. age 50 (Mo)
Rosetta age 11 (Mo) (gr-dau)
Richard Reedy age 9 (gr-son) (Mo)
Perry Reedy age 7 (gr-son) (Mo)
Dolly Shockley age 30 (Mo)
(living next door)
John R. Copeland married Virginia Bishop, 8/10/1879.
John Richard Copeland age 21 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Virginia age 18 (Mo) father (Tn) mother (Mo)
Mary age 56 (Tn) (wd) both parents (N.C.) (mother)
1900 census: (Jackson Twp)-----------------------------
John Richard Copeland age 40
Virginia age 38
John age 18
Bunion age 16
Davenport age 14
Adam & Missouri age 11
Slyvia age 8
Bellvia age 2
1910 census: (Jackson Twp)---------------------------------
John R. Copeland age 51
Virginia age 48
Porty age 23
Adam age 21
Missouri age 21
Sylvia age 17
Belva age 11
Lillie age 7
Sarilda Bishop age 69 (wd) (Mother-in-law)

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)
Bunion Copeland age 27 (John R. & Virginia's son)
Jennie age 28
Dortha age 7
Floyd age 6
Loyd age 5
Ethel age 3
Bryan age 22 months
Mary E. age 2 months

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
Calvin Copeland age 53 (Mo)
Pauline (Wiles) age 47 (Ky)
Richard H. age 22 (Mo)
William R. age 20 (Mo)
Elsie age 11 (Mo)
Annie L. & Mary E. age7
Elizabeth Wiles age 63 (Wd) (Ky) (mother-in-law)
(living next door, My aunt Jennie(Burns) & uncle Clay Copeland)
Clay Copeland age 25 (Mo)
Jennie age 23 (Mo)
Leslie L. age 1 (Mo)
Hubbard age 8 months

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)------------------------
John "Jake" Copeland age 35 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Emily age 35 (Ky) both parents (Ky)
George S. age 13 (Mo) married Mary H. Simpson, 8/28/1889.
Lucy A. age 12 (Mo)
John L. age 10
Elizabeth age 8
Bayless (Balus) age 4
Basheba age 2
(family living with Oliver Hatis age 30 Mo.)
1910 census: (Dry Creek Twp)----------------
John "Jake" Copeland age 65 (moved from Jackson Twp)
Emily age 65
(living next door)
Balus M. Copeland age 36
Fannie M. age 31
Marion E. age 12
Jake W. age 10
Myra L. age 8
Polrie A. age 6 (dau)
Bertha E. age 4
Lucy O. age 16 months
1920 census: (Dry Creek Twp)------------
John "Jake" Copeland age 74
Emily age 75

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
Jane Copeland age 16 (Mo)
John Copeland age 19 (Mo)
(living with Thomas & Sarah Shockley)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
John Copeland age 49 (Tn) both parents (Tn)
Nancy age 44 (ILL) both parents (ILL)
John H. age 16 (Mo) married Isabella Coffey,3/14/1886.
Joan I. age 13
Charles age 11
Emma age 9
Joseph H. age 4
Martin Copeland married Malinda Breeden, 10/21/1875.
Malinda Copeland age 22 (dau-in-law)
Roberta age 4 (gr-dau)
James 2 (gr-son)
Effie age 4 months (gr-dau)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
Fanny Copeland age 10 (Mo)
Rosona age 8 (Mo)
Charlotte age 6 (Mo)
(living with step-parents, Noel & Nancy Breeding)

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
Fanny Copeland age 29 (Mo)
(servant, living with Henry & Kate Bohmer)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
Ellen Copeland age 19 (Mo) both parents (Mo)
(servant, living with James & Alice Causley)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
M. F. Copeland age 18 (Mo) father from (Tn) mother from (ILL) female.
(servant, living with Joseph & Laura Strickland)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)
Noah Copeland age 17 (Mo) both parents (Mo)
(living with Joseph & Nancy Shockley)

1880 census: (Jackson Twp)---------------------------
Calvin Copeland married Paulina Wild/Wiles, 12/10/1868.
C. C. Copeland age 33 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Paulina age 27 (Ky) both parents (Ky)
John B. age10 (Mo)
Clay W. age 5
Hubbard age 2
Ray age 2 months
1910 census: (Jackson Twp)----------------------------
Calvin C. Copeland age 63
Paulina age 56
Lettie age 17
Elizabeth age 12
Elizabeth Wiles age 72 (wd) (mother-in-law)
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)---------------------------
Calvin Copeland age 73
Paulina age 67
Ray age 37 (wd)
Charles L. age 10 (gr-son)
Clay M. age 8 (gr-son)
Elizabeth Wiles age 84? (82) (Mother-in law)
Francis M. Copeland age 75 (wd) (Brother)
(living next door)
Richard Copeland age 60
Virginia age 57
Davenport age 34
Leila age 16
Arminta age 35 (daughter-in-law)
Rena Burns age 6 (gr-dau)
William R. Burns age 2 (gr-son)
Missouri (Copeland) Burns age 31 (dau)(wd)(servant)

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)
Clay Copeland age 35 (Calvin & Pauline's son)
Jennie (Burns) age 32 (my mother's sister)
Lessie L. age 11
Dorsey H. age 10
Clyde J. age 8
James R. age 5
Charlsey M. age 13 months

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)---------------------------
John H. Copeland age 28 (John R. & Virginia's son)
Martha age 26
Dewey age 5
Daney age 3
Arnold (Onie) & Alfred age (new born). (My sister married "Onie")
Jessie Russell age 14 (sister-in-law)
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)
John H. Copeland age37---------------------------------
Martha age 35
Dewey age 15
Dainey age 12 (dressed up all the time, suits etc)
Otto & Onie age 9
Fred Age 5
Woodrow age 9 months
(This family moved to Union, Mo. to work in the Shoe Factory)

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)------------------------
John B. Copeland age 40 (Calvin & Pauline's son)
Missouri S. age 38
Bertha age 10
Earnest age 8
Dulcie age 6
Virgil age 5 months
Edward Conrad age 26 (boarder)
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)-------------------------
John B. Copeland age 50
Missouri Copeland age 48
Ernie age 18
Dulcie age 15
Virgil age 8
Lucille age 5

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)--------------
Hubbard Copeland age 31 (Calvin & Pauline's son)
Rosa age 26
Thomas age 6
Semeria age 4
Lea age 2
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)--------------
Hubbard Copeland age 42
> > > Rosie age 35
> > > Suneridas? age 14
> > > Lea age 12
> > > 1920 census: (Jackson Twp)---------------
> > > Thomas Copeland age 16, living with Adolph & Lettie Picker.

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
William Copeland age 58 (Mo)
Evaline age 56 (Mo)
John age 25 (Mo)
Louisa A. age 18 (Mo)
William O. age 16 (Mo)

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
William M. Copeland age 41 (Mo)
Mary F. age 40 (Mo)
Eva J. age 19
Emma A. age 17
Charles B. age 15
Campbell age 13
James age 11
William Pickering age 23 (servant)

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
Nancy C. Shockley age 59 (Wd)
James N. Copeland age 36 (son)
Leona Shockley age 18 (dau)

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
John B. Copeland married Missouri S. Bishop, 11/7/1889.
John B. Copeland age 30 (Mo)
Missouri age 28 (Mo)
Martha A. age 9 (Mo)
Bertha P. age 4 months

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)------------
Granville Copeland age 26 (Mo)
Pearl age 18 (Mo)
Dewey age 1 (Mo)
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)------------
Granville Copeland age 48 (Wd)
Dewey age 21
Ernie age 16
Virgie age 14
Lillian age 9
Jewell age 5

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
Columbus Copeland age 33 (Mo)
Mary age 26 (Mo) both parents (Germany)
Emmett age 6 (Mo)

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)----------------------------
David Alonzo Copeland married Cora L. Wakefield, 8/4/1897.
David A. Copeland age 29 (Mo) (William M.'s son)
Cora L. age 25 (Mo)
1910 census: (Jackson Twp)-----------
David Alonzo Copeland age 39
Cora L. age 34
Alta M, age 6
Raymond H. age 3
1920 census; (Jackson Twp)------------
Davis Alonzo Copeland age 48
Cora age 43
Alta age 16
Raymond age 12
Kenneth age 8

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)
Robert Crum age 71 (Tn)
Harriet A. age 70 (Eng)
Robert L. Copeland age 18 (gr-son)
Gertie B. Copeland age 13 (gr-dau)

1900 census: (Jackson Twp)------------------
Hugh L. Copeland age 46 (Mo)
Melinda age 42 (Mo)
William M. age 18
Roy H. age 15
Molly age 13
Emma age 7
Nancy age 66 (wd) (ILL) (mother)
Ethel Forrester age 13 (Mo) (niece)
1910 census: (Jackson Twp)-------------------------------
Hugh L. M. Copeland age 54? (56)
Malinda age 52
Emma M. age
Lulia E.age 26 (daughter-in-law) (wd)
Lawrence age 2 (gr-son)
Roy M. age 17 months (gr-dau?)

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)
William M. Copeland age 27 (Hugh & Melinda's son)
Leannie age 24
Mable age 4
Leo age 2

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)
Roy Copeland age 30? (25)
Gerzilda age 23
Lee age 6 months

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)
Martha Shaw age 74 (wd)
James H. Copeland age 19 (gr-son)

1910 census: (Jackson Twp)-----------------
James O. Copeland age 29
Ida A. age 29
James F. age 5
Ruby age 4
Marie age 3
Julius 18 months
Julius A. Kremmel 74 (wd) (father-in-law)
1920 census: (Jackson Twp)------------------
James Oliver Copeland age 42? (39)
Ida age 41? (39)
James Frank age 14
Ruby 13
Elsie age 12
Julius age 11
Goldie age 2

1920 census: (Jackson Twp)
Henderson Copeland age 56
Martha 43
Roe age 20
Freeman age 19
Eunice age 17
Homer age 14
Della age 12
Mable age 8
Sterling age 4

==================Maries Twp================

1880 census: (Maries Twp)
Noah Copeland married Mary Coffey, 9/14/1879.
Noah Copeland age 22 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Mary age 19 (Mo) father (Tn) mother (Mo)

====================Johnson Twp===============
1880 census: (Johnson Twp)------------------------------
Francis M. Copeland married Adelia Francis Fritts/Fritz, 4/6/1869.
Francis M. Copeland age 28 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Frances A. age 29 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Joseph H. age 10 (Mo)
John T. age 6 (Mo)
(living next door)
Thomas J. Copeland married Arletha Paris Fritz, 7/18/1875.
Thomas J. Copeland age 28 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Arletha P. age 23 (Mo)
Robert M. age 4 (Mo)
Alfred M. age 2 (Mo)
Anna age 64 (wd) (mother) (Tn)
1900 census: (Johnson Twp)----------------------------
Thomas J. Copeland age 50
Arletha P. age 44
Burton age 19
Rose N. age 16
William T. age 10
Christopher C. age 7
1910 census: (Johnson Twp)----------------------------
Arletha Copeland age 54 (wd)
Rosa age 26
Christopher age 17
William T. age 20
1920 census: (Johnson Twp)--------------------------
William T. Copeland age 30
Rhoda B. age 30
(next door )
Christopher Copeland age 26
Cynthia E. age 27
Dorsey R. age 3
Rosa Copeland age 36 (sister)
1920 census: (Johnson Twp)-------------------------
Thomas Copeland age 46
Hellena age 44
Frances A. age 70 (Mother) (wd)
Joseph E. Hutchison age 72 (wd) (father-in-law)
John Hildebrand age 63 (Lodger)

1910 census: (Johnson Twp)
Samuel B. Copeland age 28
Annie B. age 24
Jewel age 3
Pearl age 6 months
Floyd Crider age 8 (hired boy)

1900 census: (Johnson Twp)------------------------
Henry Joseph Copeland age 26 (Mo)
Ingerber age 24 (Mo) parents Denmark.
William age 6 (Mo)
Milford I. & Wilford M. age 4
Boley age 2
Fred O. age 7 months
1910 census: (Johnson Twp)---------------------------
Henry Copeland age 40? (36)
Ingerbourge age 37? (34)
William age 17
Milford age 15
Boley age 12
Fred age 10
Jessie Ralph age 9
Jasper age 8
Mattie age 4
Hattie age 2
1920 census: (Johnson Twp)---------
Henry J. Copeland age 49 (Wd)
William G. age 25
Milford G. age 23
Boley H. age 22
Fred age 20
Jessie Ralph age 18
Jasper age 17
Mattie age 14
Hattie age 10

1900 census: (Johnson Twp)----------------------
Isaac Copeland age 51 (Mo) both parents (Va)
Nancy C. age 42
Joseph N. age 18
Samuel A. age 16
David O. age 13
Oda O. age 11 (son)
Isaac age 8 months
Minnie M. Waxwell age 17 (step-dau)
Effie J. Maxwell age 15 (step-dau)
Jessie B. Maxwell age 13 (step-son)
1910 census: (Johnson Twp)---------------------
Nancy C. Copeland age 50? (52)
Isaac age 10
Mary age 8
Bennie age 6

1900 census: (Johnson Twp)
Sarah Beesley age 70 (Wd) (Tn) both parents Tn)
Jeanette Copeland (Beesley) age 28 (dau)
Bessie Copeland age 9 (gr-dau)
Robert M. Copeland 3 (gr-son)
James Copeland age 29 (son-in-law)

1880 census: (Johnson Twp)------------------------
Martin Copeland age 39 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Livonia age 33 (Mo) both parents (Va)
Laura age 14 (Mo)
William T. age 10
John W. age 8 months
1900 census: (Johnson Twp)-------------------------
Martin Copeland age 58
Livonia E. age 54
John W. age 20
William T. age 30
Oscar age 3
Elsie M. age 1
Sidney M. age 5 months
Jane Copeland age 26 (Daughter-in-law)

1910 census: (Johnson Twp)
William T. Copeland age 38? (40) (Martin & Livonia's son)
Janie age 35
Oscar age 13
Elsie age 12
Sydney age 10
Angie age 9
Edith age 7
Eltie age 5
Edna age 3
Mattie age 1

1900 census: (Johnson Twp)----------------------
Robert M. Copeland age 23 (Mo) (Thomas & Arletha's son)
Ollie L. age 20 (Mo)
Clarence M. age 4 months (Mo)
Alfred M. Copeland age 21 (Mo) (brother)
1910 census: (Johnson Twp)-------------------------
Robert M. Copeland age 33
Ollie age 30
Elva age 8
Gladys age 5
Robert Dale age 2
1920 census: (Johnson Twp)-------------------------
Robert M.Copeland age 43
Ollie L. age 38
Elva R. age 18
Gladys B. V. age 15
Robert D. age 11
Dorothy L. age 8

1920 census: (Johnson Twp)
Cordelia N. Copeland age 60 (Wd)
Mary E. age 17
Benjamin T. age 15

1920 census: (Johnson Twp)
John W. Copeland age 47
Mary L. age 44
Ethel I. age 24
Garrett O. age 14

==================Miller Twp=====================

1880 census: (Miller Twp)
Joseph Copeland age 25 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Eliza E. age 27 (Mo) father (Tn) mother (Ala)
B. F. age 3 (son)
Elizabeth D. age 7 months

1880 census: (Miller Twp)
Thomas Copeland married Mary Parko, 11/5/1875.
Thomas L. Copeland age 29 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Mary M. age 28 (Mo) father (Tn) mother (ILL)
Joseph F. age 4 (Mo)
Lenna S. age 4 months
(living next door)
James A. Copeland married Clementine A. Brandon, 10/6/1872.
Melville Copeland age 27 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Clementine A./ age 25 (Ala) father (Tn) mother (Ga)
Eda Ann Z. age 6 (Mo)
Edna L. age 3 (Mo)
Wm. B. age 1 (Mo)

1880 census: (Miller Twp)
Wm. J. Copeland age 32 (Mo) father (Mo) mother (Tn)
Sarah F. age 36 (Mo) both parents (Tn)
Francis H. age 10 (Mo) (dau)
Wm. H. age 8 (Mo)

1900 census: (Miller Twp)
George G. Copeland age 33 (Mo)
Mary H. age 28 (Mo)
Annie age 9
Dolph Clay age 5
Emily A. age 2
Clifford M. age 3 months

1900 census: (Miller Twp)
Jehu Copeland married Neeley Henson, 8/1/1869.
Jehu Copeland age 55 (Mo)
Emilia 55 (Ky)
Elizabeth age 28 (Divorced)
Basheba age 22
Eddy McKnolly age 18 (adopted)

1900 census: (Miller Twp)
William H. Copeland age 26 (Mo)
Rosa age 23 (Mo)
Gussie B. age 3
Eve M. age 1

1910 census: (Miller Twp)
Lewis B. Copeland age 47
Sarah J. age 44
Sidney age 15
Rosetta age 11
Martha age 9

1920 census: (Miller Twp)
Adam E. Copeland age 30
Mary A. age 35
Byron R. age 8 months

1920 census: (Miller Twp)
Laura B. Copeland age 53,
(living with her sister, Joseph & Bertha Russell (Copeland)

=================Dry Creek Twp================

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)
Levi F. Copeland age 22 (Mo)
Nancy age 21 (Mo)
Clay M. age 3 (Mo)
Effa l. age 1 (Mo)
Stella L. age 4 months (Mo)

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)
Balus Copeland age 26 (Mo)
Fanny M. age 22 (Mo)
Richard P. age 4 (Mo)
May R. age 2 (Mo)
William age 7 months (Mo)

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)--------------------
William Roberson age 62 (wd) (Mo)
Martha Copeland age 24 (Dau) (Mo)
Henderson Copeland age 34 (son-in-law) (Mo)
Manrow/Monroe? Copeland age 8 months (gr-son)
1910 census; (Dry Creek Twp)----------------------
Henderson M. Copeland age 47? (44)
Martha L. age 34
James M. age 9
William F. age 8
Una I. age 7
Stephen H. age 4
Della M. age 2

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)----------------
Joseph Copeland age 44 (Mo)
Ellen age 47 (Mo)
Sarah C. age 18
Martin age 17
Mary age 13
Charles age 11
Emmett age 7
Alice age 12
1910 census: (Dry Creek Twp)-----------------
Ellen Copeland age 56 (wd) (Joseph's wife)
Charles E. age 20
William E. age 17
Cora A. age 11

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)
Ed Copeland age 14 (Mo)
(servant, living with Bill & Sarah Sneed)

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)--------------
Martin Copeland married Mary Parker, 10/7/1869.
Martin Copeland age 52 (Mo) (Joseph's son)
Mary A. age 50 (Tn)
Sarah E. age 18 (Mo)
William age 15 (Mo)
John age 13 (Mo)
1910 census: (Dry Creek Twp)--------------
Martin Copeland age 62
Mary A. age 60
(living next door)
John W. Copeland age 23 (Martin's son)
Leona M. age 23
Rosa L. age 6 months
1920 census: (Dry Creek Twp)--------------
Mary A. Copeland age 69 (70) (wd)

1900 census: (Dry Creek Twp)---------------
John S. Copeland age 29 (Mo)
Lumina age 25 (Mo)
Charles Alfred age 6
John C. age 5
Stella age 2
Elmer I. age 2 months
1920 census: (Dry Creek Twp)-------------
John S. Copeland age 49
Lumina age 36
Charles A. age 26
Stella age 21
Luther R. age 16
Chloe J. age 9
Gainell E. age 2 (dau)
Joel R. Robertson age 38 (Cousin)

1920 census: (Dry Creek Twp)
John C. Copeland age 23? (25)
Mary L. age 20

Marriages of Copeland girls:
Nancy C. Copeland to Lemuel B. Newkirk, 10/24/1869.
Nancy Ann Copeland to Vincent D. Stewart, 10/5/1881.
Barbara Ann Copeland to Masterson M. Talley, 9/7/1871
Martha Jane Copeland to George M. D. Barnett, 3/19/1882.
Mira/Myra Copeland to Landon D. Davis, 6/23/1872.
Mary E. Copeland to David N. Taff, 3/91882.
Rachel Elizabeth Copeland to W. F. B. Goforth, 10/31/1877.
Rachel Copeland to J. B. Calvin, 11/12/1882.
Nancy Copeland to A. R. Breeden, 12//1876.
Lou Copeland to F. M. Terry, 3/31/1883.
Mattie E. Copeland to Thomas G. Ellis, 8/9/1874.
Julia A. Copeland to George W. Terry, 6/21/1884.
Sarah C. Copeland to John Bell, 12/21/1873.
Emma Copeland to John H. Collins, 2/21/1886.
Mary Copeland to Marion Parker, 5/9/1878.
Belle Copeland to Thomas L. Forrester, 10/14/1886.
Telitha Copeland to John H. Adkins, 3/23/1879.
Margaret Copeland to John Nelson, 5/1/1887.
Casandra Copelan/Copeland to Thomas B. Elrod, 9/21/1879.
Lucy Copeland to William Simpson, 8/8/1887.
Talitha Jane Copeland to Thomas J. Noblett, 7/25/1880.
Mary J. Copeland to Thomas William Haggerty, 10/25/1887.
Lucinda Copeland to Peter Terry, 3/16/1889.
Frances Copeland to Albert S. Young, 9/29/1889.
Mary R. Copeland to William D. Sneed, 5/8/1890.
Mary J. Copeland to Gilbert Helton, 7/6/1890.


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