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The Horton Family of record showed up in Miller County, in the form of Isaac & Abby Horton. They had a large family which were the ancesters of the Hortons descsndants in Miller County today. They show up in the 1860 census with all their children born in Virginia. The youngest one year old. This tells me they have not been here long. They seem to loved that Auglaize River country and never went to far from it.

1860 census: (Glaize Twp)----------------------------------
Isaac Horton age 37 (Va)
Abby age 35 (N.C.)
William age 14 (Va) married Elizabeth Cox, 11/14/1867.
Lucy J. age 13 (Va) married William Brown, 12/27/1866.
Joanna age 10 (Va) married Thomas Cox, 7/27/1869.
Robert H. age 8 (Va) married Sarah Reed, 10/20/1872.
Michael G. age 7 (Va)
James age 5 (Va) married Catherine Neal, 11/10/1878.
Catherine age 3 (Va) married Charles Hendricks, 3/28/1875.
David F. age 1 (Va)
1870 census: (Equality Twp) Isaac & Abby have moved.-------------
Isaac Horton age 50? (47)
Abby age 48
Robert H. age 17
Michael G. age 16
James R. age 14
Catherine age 12 (Mo?)
Mary age 10 (Mo) married Edward W. Humphrey, 5/19/1878.
Nancy J. age 8 (Mo)
Rhoda age 6 (Mo) married James E. Williams, 1/7/1885.
Hezekiah age 3 (Mo) married Nancy Beard, 11/12/1886.
1880 census: (Auglaize Twp) back in Auglaize Twp)---------------
Isaac Horton age 60? (57)
Isabel age 51? (58)
David C. age 21
Nancy J. age 17
Rhoda G. age 16
Hezekiah age 13
Simon P. Cox age 11 (gr-son)
1900 census: (Glaize Twp)-------------------------
Isaac Horton age 77 (Wd)
Rhoda Beard (Horton) age 36 (Wd)
Thomas Williams age 15 (gr-son)
Charles Williams age 13 (gr-son)
Lucy Williams age 8 (gr-dau)
Mary age 5 (gr-dau)
Eva E. Beard age1 (gr-dau)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
Hezekiah Horton age 33 (Mo) (Isaac & Abby's son)
Nancy E. (Beard) age 29 (Mo)
Julius A. age 12
Pearl S. age 10
Anna L. age 9
Francis H. age 6
Ora V. age 1
Thomas (born April 1900)

1900 census: (Equality Twp)
David Horton age 48 (Mo)
Rebecca age 48 (Mo)
Lucy Jane age 18
Mary F. age 16
Annie Bell age 13
Elijah age 12
Leorda age 10 (female)
Willard W. age 8
Joseph age 6
David age 4
Luella age 10 months

1870 census: (Equality Twp)
Thomas Cox age 45 (Pa)
Joanna (Horton) age 20 (Va)
(these are Joanna's children & step-children)
Louis age 16 (Va)
James W. age 14 (Va)
Thomas A. age 12 (Va)
Martin W. B. age 10 (Joanna's)*
Annetta age 8*
Granville age 4*
Simon Peter age 5 months.*

1870 census: (Equality Twp)------------------------------
There was a family entry for William & Elizabeth Horton (Cox) that was so
erroneous, I left it out. The 1880 census is correct and it is here.
1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)
William A. Horton age 34 (Va) (Isaac & Abby's son)
Eliza age 33
Robert S. age 11
Mary E. age 10
Augusta A. age 8 (female)
Lucyetta age 5
Isaac D. age 3
Elvira age 3 months
Martin V. R. Cox age 20 (brother-in-law)
Annetta Cox age 17

1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)
Robert H. Horton age 26 (Va) (Isaac & Abby's son)
Sarah (Reed) age 25 (Mo)
Robert W. age 2 (Mo)
Millie J. age 1 (Mo)

1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)---------------
James Horton age 24 (Va)
Catherine (Neal) age 28 (Va)
John Spanky age 15 (Mo)
1900 census: (Glaize Twp)-----------------
James B. Horton age age 45 (Va)
Catherine age 47 (Va)
Jown W. age 19 (Mo)
Cora A. age 17
Lizzie J. age 15
Nettie E. age 13
Susie F. age 11
James A. age 8
Henry C. age 6

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
Tisha Horton age 14 (Ark) father (Va) mother(Mo)
(boarding with Henry & Virginia Bear)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
James Horton age 11 (Mo) (servant)
(living with Bryant & Sarah George)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
Charles A. Hendricks age 45 (Pa)
Catherine (Horton) age 43 (Mo)
Lewis M. age 20 (Mo)
Joseph M. age 17
Hiram H. age 15
Delbert age 13
Isaac C. age 12
Estella J. age 9
Mariena F. age 8
Alpha P. age 2
Lou Dessie age 21 (Dau-in-law)

Horton Marriages:

Nevie Horton to Obedient Beard, 9/19/1897.
Annalee Horton to Sylvester Stovall, 7/10/1908.
Cora Horton to John W. Carrico, 3/31/1901.
Lucy Horton to Irwin H. Greenstreet, 2/8/1907.
Mary F. Horton to Tenent Byron Walker, 4/7/1907.
Pearl Horton to Marshall T. Price, 10/22/1905.
Nettie Horton to Samuel Cooper, 12/7/1910.
Ella Horton to Everett C. Hibler, 7/14/1917.
Susie Horton to Fred A. Thompson/Tomson,3/7/1912.
Dorothy Horton to Richard A. Shelton, 12/13/1933.
Ester Horton to Carl Vanhooser, 9/5/1935.
Eva May Horton to John L. Brown, 7/19/1930.
Jewell Horton to Harlan Phillips, 1/15/1930.
Lela Horton to Gordie Bradhurst, 3/25/1937.
Verna G. Horton to Buel Burton, 4/27/1940.

Davis F. Horton to Mary E. Smith, 12/13/1903.
Albert Horton to Jane Colvin, 12/20/1912.
Eliga Horton to Alice Rebecca Colvin, 6/10/1911.
Elijah Edward Horton to Rachel Coon, 6/8/1909.
John W. Horton to Maude Hall, 10/19/1908.
Julius Alfred Horton to Della Spoonmore, 12/22/1908.
Willard David Horton to Imogene Beard, 8/14/1949.

There is no doubt in my mind that every Horton in this Look-up is closely related to each other.



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