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In the 1840 census, John Rowark/Roark was here with a familyof nine, five males and four females. The seven children were all younger than 15 years. The accuracy of the early census concerning children is very poor.

In 1850 census: We find John's family has grown and he has a few boarders.
1850 census:
John Roark age 42 (Va)
Emaline age 22 (Tenn)
James age 15 (Missouri)
Carroll age 13 (Mo)
Elvira age 12 (Mo) married Daniel Abbott, 11/25/1855.
Hugh age 11 (Mo) married Sarah A. Shipley, 9/24/1865.
Preston age 9 (Mo)
Silvester age 7 (Mo)
Archie age 5 (Mo) married Lucinda Capps, 6/2/1866.
Marion age 3 (Mo) to Filullia/Filillia Gaget, 10/28/1866 & 1/6/1867.
John age 1 (Mo)
Louisa Holyfield age 6 (Mo)
Cinda age 4 (Mo)
Sarah age 2 (Mo)
John Roark married Phebe Vanderpool, 2/22/1859.

Lewis Roark married Parnety F. Ednies, 9/27/1841. (I believe this is John's brother)

Margaret Roark to Isreal Newton, 5/27/1866.
Mary Elizabeth Roark to James Colvin, 2/8/1868.

1850 census:
Levi Roark age 62 (N.C.)
Clemcy age 56 (N.C.)
Malinda age 35 (Tenn)
Reuben age 30 (Tenn)
Noah age 18 (Tenn)
Benjamin age 15 (Ky) married Rachel M. Gilleland, 11/24/1853.
Sarah age 14 (Ky)
Phenetta/Fernetta age 27 (Va) married Jesse Tracy, 9/7/1854.
Susan age 7 (Missouri)
Isaac age 6 (Mo)
Clemency age 4 (Mo) (female)
Levi age 1 (Mo)

===================Jim Henry Twp=================

1850 census:
Boyd Roark married Sarah Ann Birdsong, 8/29/1850.
Boyd Roark age 19 (Mo)
(living with George & Sarah Williams)
(My guess would be this is one of John's sons, because of hisage and being born in Missouri. None of the other Roarks were
here that long)
Boyd Roark married Jane Crawford, 9/11/1871.
1860 census: (Jim Henry Twp)------------------
Boyd Roark age 27? (29) (Mo)
Sarah (Birdsong) age 30 (Tn)
Robert age 8 (Mo) married Martha C. Baker, 12/7/1873
Narcissa age 6 (Mo) married James Sharp, 5/27/1872.
Martha J. age 5 (Mo) married John Riley Jenkins, 9/22/1875.
Julia age 1 (Mo) married John Simmons, 2/24/1878

1860 census: (Jim Henry Twp)--------------------
John Roark age 50? (52) (Va) (this is Boyd's father)
Archibald "Archie" age 15 (Mo) (this is Boyd's brother)
1870 census: (Osage Twp)------------------------
John Roark married Ellen Akes, 6/17/1863.
John Roark age 62 (Va)
Ellen age 32 (Mo)
Margaret age 9 (Mo)
Louis age 4 (Mo)
Mary age 2 (Mo)

1870 census: (Jim Henry Twp)---------------------
Preston Roark age 33 (Mo)
Sarah J. age 30 (Ohio)
Eliza age 4 (Mo)
Lydia age 2 (Mo)
Herman age 1 (Mo)
1880 census: (Jim Henry Twp)---------------------
Preston Roark age 39? 43
Sarah J. age 39
Eliza J. age 14
Lydia M. age 12
Herman age 10
Mary E. age 5
Emma t. age 3
James A. age 11 months

1870 census: (Jim Henry Twp)-------------
Hugh Roark age 31 (Mo)
Sarah age 31 (Mo)
1880 census: (Osage Twp)-----------------
Hugh Roark age 41 (Mo)
Sarah age 22? 42 (Mo)
Malissa age 2 (Mo)

===================Osage Twp)==================

1860 census: (Osage Twp)----------------------------------
Carroll Roark married Nancy Capps, 10/25/1855.
Carroll Roark married Sarah E. Honaker, 12/2/1867.
Carroll Roark age 23 (Mo) (This another of John's sons)
Nancy (Capps) age 21 (Mo)
Sarah J. age 3 (Mo)
Jasper age 2 (Mo)
Marion age 14 (Mo) (These last 4 are John's sons also)
Jackson "John" age 12 (Mo)
William age 10 (Mo)
Preston age 19 (Mo) married Sarah J. Morgan, 11/19/1865.
1870 census: (Osage Twp)--------------------------------------
Carroll Roark age 33 (Mo)
Sarah E. (Honaker) age 26 (Va)
Sarah J. age 14 (Mo)
Jasper age 12 (Mo)
Silas age 10 (Mo)
Margaret age 7 (Mo)
Mary R. age 5 (Mo)
Hugh C. age 2 (Mo)
Alice age 2 months (Mo)

1860 census: (Osage Twp)
James Roark married Margaret Jones, 8/27/1859.
James Roark age 28? (25) (Mo) (Also John's son)
Margaret age 20 (Va)

1870 census: (Osage Twp)
Marion Roark age 23 (Mo)
Fidelof/Filillia (Paget) age 33 (Mo)
Thomas age 2 (Mo)
Harriet C. Griffin age 4 (Mo)
Malinda R. Griffin age 6 months (Mo)
Harriet Griffin age 62 (Mo)
John F. Griffin age 30 (Mo)

1880 census: (Osage Twp)
Robert Roark married Martha C. Baker, 12/7/1873.
Robert Roark age 28 (Mo)
Martha age 26 (Mo)
Lucy age 9 (Mo)
Eliza age 7 (Mo)
Retta age 3 (Mo)
Sylvester age 7 months (Mo)

1900 census: (Osage Twp)
Martha Roark age 32 (widowed)
Ollie age 11
Minnie age 10
Perry age 9
Willis age 7
Lizzie age 2

1880 census: (Osage Twp)
Charles Roark age 22 (Mo)
(living with his uncle John W. Birdsong)

1880 census: (Osage Twp)
Lucinda Roark age 37 (Mo)
Andrew J. age 12 (Mo)
Lenora A. age 10 (Mo)
Idella B. age 8 (Mo)
Clara L. age 5 (Mo)

1900 census: (Osage Twp)
Andrew Roark married Laura Boyd, 7/28/1892.
Andrew Roark age 32
Laura E. age 24
Lectie B.age 4
Lefta A. age 3
Lena V. age 6 months
James Hamilton age 15 (brother)

1880 census: (Osage Twp)
Elizabeth Roark to William Jones, 12/4/1879.
William E. Jones age 36 (Mo)
Sarah age 29 (Mo)
Harvey Roark age 11 (Va) (step-son)
Alice Roark age 9 (Va) (step-dau)
Isaac C. Roark age 7 (Va) (step-son)
Artamitha Roark age ??? (step-dau)

====================Saline Twp====================

1850 census:---------------------------------------------------------
Yancy Roark married Leah Vernon, 11/11/1849.
Yancy Roark age 21 (Ky)
Leah age 15 (Mo)
(living next door)
William Roark age 40 (Ky)
Candis/Candace age 36? (34) (Ky)
Henry age 18 (Tenn)
Amos age 15 (Ky)
Febny/Ferby age 13 (Ky)
Ailcy age 10 (Ky) married John H. Simmons, 2/5/1861.
Sidney age 8 (Missouri)
Clemency age 6 (Mo)
William age 3 (Mo)
Levi age 1 (Mo)
1860 census: (Saline Twp)--------------------------------
Candace Roark age 44 (Ky)
Amos age 25 (Ky)
Ferby M. A. age 23 (Ky) to Peter M. Slate, (Cole Co) 11/13/1876.
Alissy/Alicey age 21 (Ky)
Sena/Sidney age 18 (Mo)
Clemency age 16 (Mo)
William age 13 (Mo) married Mary M. Neville, 11/18/1876.
Levi age 11 (Mo)
Noah age 8 (Mo) married Cosba E. Enloe, 2/11/1877.
George age 5 (Mo) married Mary L. Allen, 12/17/1876.
Milly age 45 (Ky)
William P. Roark married Eliza F. Neville, 4/29/1888.
1870 census: (Saline Twp)------------------------------------------
Candis Roark age 54 (Ky)
Fereby M. age 33 (Ky)
Sena Sidney age27 (Mo)
William P. age 23 (MO)
Yancy L. age 20 (Mo)
Noah J. age 18 (Mo)
George W. age 14 (Mo)
1880 census: (Saline Twp)----------------------------------
Candis Roark age 65
Sena Sidney age 37
Yancy age 30
Ellen age 2

Obit: Mrs. Feraby Roark Slote was born in Kentucky, 2/10/1837, and married
P. N. Slote on 11/13/1876.

1900 census: (Saline Twp)
Yancy L. Roark age 50 (Mo)
Mary S. age 41 (Mo)
Olivis/Oliver L. 19
Gertie M. age 17
Lou Lou age 14
Ira B. slote age 20 (cousin)

1880 census: (Saline Twp)
Noah Roark married Cosba/Cosby E. Enloe,2/11/1877.
Noah Roark age 29 (Mo)
Cosby age 19 (Mo)
Aulcy/Anlcy age 3 (Mo) married Lena Harbison, 2/5/1902
Rena age 1 (Mo)

1860 census: (Saline Twp)------------------------
Yancy Roark age 33 (Ky)
Leah (Vernon) age 25 (Mo)
Henry N. age 4 (Mo) married Mary T. Roark, 12/30/1890.
John B. age 3 months (Mo) married Mary T. Connell, 10/22/1882.
1870 census: (Saline Twp)--------------------------
Leah age 35 (Mo)
Henry Nolen age 14 (Mo)
John B. age 10 (Mo)
Martha age 8 (Mo)
1880 census: (Saline Twp)
Leah Roark age 45
Henry age 24
John B. age 20
Martha E. age 17

1880 census: (Saline Twp)
William A. Roark married Mary M. Neville, 11/18/1876.
William Roark age 33 (Mo)
Malinda age 26 (Mo)
Lora L. age 1 (Mo)
1900 census: (Saline Twp)
William Roark age 53
Eliza F. age 27
Lora L. age 21
Anna E. age 17
Austin W. age 15
Harvey C. age 13
Myra age 11
Lois A. age 9
Drucilla c. age 5
Rule B. age 2

1860 census: (Saline Twp)-----------------------
Ashbury H. Roark age 25 (Ky)
Mary A. age 24 (Mo)
Sarah J. age 3 (Mo)
William T. age 2 (Mo)
1870 census: (Saline Twp)-----------------------
Ashberry Roark age 35
Mary Ann age 34
Sarah J. age 13
Henry F. age 10
Amanda age 7
Nancy A. age 5
Ashberry W. age 1

1860 census: (Saline Twp)---------------------------
Benjamin D. Roark age 25 (Ky)
Rachel M. (Gilleland) age 24 (Mo)
John age 5 (Mo) married Adella Allen, 6/27/1880.
Joshua L. age 1 (Mo)
1870 census: (Saline Twp)-----------------------
Benjamin D. Roark age 35
Rachel M. age 34
John A. age 14
Joshua L. age 11
James W. age 8
Rachel M. age 5
Benjamin M. age 3
Samuel G. age 1
1880 census: (Saline Twp)-------------------
Benjamin D. Roark age 45
J. L. age 44 (female)
J. M. age 21 (male)
R. M. age 18 (female)
E. M. age 13 (male)
S. G. age 10 (male)
Mary J. age 8
C. E. age 5 (female)
W. A. age 2 (male)
Malinda age 65 (Ky) (sister)
1900 census: (Saline Twp)-------------------
Benjamin Roark age 65
Rachel M. age 64
Samuel age 30
Lena D. age 15 (gr-dau)
Carl age 12 (gr-dau)
Inez age 11 (gr-dau) married E. E. Wyrick, 10/20/1907.
Louis Gray age 30 (Samuel's brother-in-law)
Mary Jane Gray age 28

Obit: Benjamin Downing Roark, son of Rev. Levi & Cena Roark, was born in
Allen County Kentucky, 1/15/1835 and died 5/12/1928. He married Rachel
Gilleland 11/23/1853. Children are: Johanna & Lucy Ann deceased, Rachel,
Martha, Rea (deceased), Benjamin M., Samuel G., Mrs. Mary Gray, Clemmis
Kneisley, Walter a. & Willie.
After Rachel died he married Sarah Margaret Farris11/11/1916.

Obit: James Wesley Roark, son of Benjamin and Rachel Roark
was born 10/31/1861 and died Jan. 1924, at 62 yrs.,2 mo., 12 days. He was
married Sept. 1897 to Minnie Large who died Dec. 1899. A son James Earl
survives. He later married Lecatta Clements and had three children: Thomas,
Earl Wesley and Effie Marie.

1860 census: (Saline Twp)---------------------
Henry B. Roark age 28 (Ky)
Elizabeth age 23 (Mo)
Camilla age 4 (Mo)
James age 2 (Mo) married Mary E. Harrison, 12/25/1879.
1870 census: (Saline Twp)---------------------
Henry B. Roark age 38 (Ky)
Elizabeth age 29? (33) (Mo)
James W. age 10 (Mo)
Samuel age 5 (Mo)
Albert L. age 3 (Mo)
Olive B. age 9 months
Albert Roark to Louisa J. Crider, 12/9/1886.
1880 census: (Saline Twp)-----------------
Henry B. Roark age 48
Elizabeth age 43
Samuel B. age15
Albert L. age 13 (married Mary J. Slote, 3/6/1892.
Ollie "Olive" I. age 10
E. C. age 7 (female)
M. A. age 1 (female)
James H. age 21 (son)
Mary E. age 19 (dau-in-law)

Obit: Samuel B. Roark was born 1865 son of Henry B. Roark. He married Nora
Thompson. Children are: Lena, Fern. Brothers are: Luke, and James. Sisters
are: Mrs. Minta Barger, Mrs. Ollie Carpenter, Mrs. Lizzie Werntz and his
mother Elizabeth Traw.

Obit: Elizabeth McClure Roark Traw was born 7/14/1837 and died Oct. 1926.
She married Henry B. Roark, 10/6/1855 who died 10/31/1900. Mrs. Roark
married W. A. Traw 12/15/1902 who died 9/16/1917. Children are: J. W. and A.
I. Roark, Mrs. W. E. Carpenter,Mrs. H. M. Werntz, Mrs. J. A. Barger, and a
brother William McClure.

1860 census: (Saline Twp)
Noah Roark age 27 (Tn)
Mary age 27 (ILL)
Melcina K. age 4 (Mo)
Marion C. age 2 (Mo)

1870 census: (Saline twp)
Mitty Roark age 55 (Ky)
(living with Porter & Emaline Houston)

===================Equality Twp=================

1870 census: (Equality Twp)
Charles Roark to Zenia Ann Robinson, 11/26/1882.
Charles Roark age 12 (Mo)
(Living with John & Catherine Birdsong)

1870 census: (Equality Twp)
William Roark age 17 (Mo)
(Living with Michael & Sarah Curry)

1870 census: (Equality Twp)
Archibald Roark age 25 (Mo)
Lucinda age 28 (Mo)
Sherman age 3 (Mo)
Lenora age 9 months (Mo)
Lena Roark to Gordon Burlingame, 9/29/1889.

==================Franklin Twp===================

1880 census: (Franklin Twp)
George W. Roark age 25 (Mo)
Mary L. (Allen) age 25 (Mo)
T. age 2 (male)
Elizabeth M. Allen age 53 (Ohio) (mother-in-law)
H. A. Allen age 16 (sister-in-law)
J. C. Trifleet age 24 (Iowa)

Obit: George W. Roark was born 9/25/1855 and died 10/29/1916. He is survived
by one brother L. Y. Roark and one sister Alsie Simmons, 3 daughters, Mrs.
M. Boyce, Grace & Opel Roark, and one son C. L. Roark.

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
Henry Nolan Roark age 43 (Mo)
Tenie P. age 35
Arthur age 15 (nephew)
Horace age 14 (nephew)
Nellie age 2 (daughter)

Obit: H. Nolan Roark, son of Yancey Roark was born 11/18/1865 and died
4/4/1917. Buried at Eldon.

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
Leah Roark age 65 (Widowed) (Mo)

1910 census: (Franklin Twp)
John A. Roark age 55 (Mo)
Mary age 42 (Mo)
Julius A. age 8
Joseph w. age 6
Rena D. age 26
Carl A. age 22

=================Richwood Twp===================

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)--------------
Clinton Roark age 12 (Mo)
James age 8 (Mo)
Leana age 5 (Mo)
(living with Boyd & Rachel Burks)
1900 census: (Richwood twp)---------------
Clinton Roark to Cirelda Blankenship, 6/6/1889.
Clinton Roark age 31 (Mo)
Sarilda J. age 29 (Mo)
Alonzo age 9
Lewis R. age8
Oliver R. age 6
James E. age 3
Arthur M. age 1

1900 census: (Richwood Twp)
Alonzo Roark age 15 (Mo)
(living with Wm. & Sarah Martin)
Alonzo Roark married Stella Richardson, 3/31/1904.

1900 census: (Richwood Twp)
Rachel Roark age 65 (Widowed) (Mo)

Yancy Roark married Mary E. Etter, 12/18/1879.
Hugh Roark to Adaline Barnhart, 7/4/1875.
Helen Roark to F. M. Butler, 4/25/1875.
Sarah Roark to Hugh B. Merwin, 8/10/1875.
Margaret Roark to Franklin Calbert, Dec. ?, 1878.
Mary J. Roark to Holden J. Cochran, (Cole Co) 6/6/1880.
Sarah J. Roark to Henry Barnhart, 8/21/1873.
Idella B. Roark to Thomas L. Clark, 11/8/1888.
Mrs. Lucinda Roark to James M. Hamilton, 12/7/1881.
Mary T. Roark to ???? Dial,
Nora A. Roark to Henry S. Martin, 3/23/1890.
Ollie R. Roark to William T. Carpenter, 9/23/1886.
Rachel M. Roark to George M. Rea, 9/28/1884.
Benjamin M. Roark to Mary L. McKinney, 2/22/1893.
James F. Roark to Sophronia Blankenship, 11/11/1893
James W. Roark to Minnie A. Large, 10/24/1897
John A. Roark to Mary J. Vaughan, 2/23/1898.
Byron Roark to Millie Martin, 12/25/1905.
Herman Roark to Stella Martin, 8/13/1907
Walter A. Roark to Minta Brouse, 5/28/1905.
William t. Roark to Georgia Porch, 3/8/1903.
Alvin Roark to Fannie Flaugher, 4/12/1913.
Clyde Roark to Mary A. Ahart, 4/29/1912.
Harvey Roark to Etta brouse, 10/24/1912
Horace H. Roark to Grace Edith Kerry, 4/28/1910
Lora Roark to Mary E. Morrow, 12/22/1913.
Rosco Roark to Etta Bailey, 5/14/1914.
Willard Roark to Mary Alpha Harrison, 10/14/1916.

I am not researching the Roark family. I am just putting together
some data for those who are. Hope it will be help.


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