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(I have added some corrections I received from Shelton researchers in red. K.V.)

These Shelton Families, like many other Miller county pioneers, settled first in North Carolina. Then they started migrating through Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and then into Missouri.
I am not researching the Sheltons, I have just gathered information that is available for those who are. There seems to be three different lines of Sheltons. Two, I believe are related because they named their children the same. I have seperated them into the townships they lived in.
The Sheltons have married into my family and have been associated with all my lines. Every fourth Thursday of the month, I eat dinner with three of Allen Shelton's daughters. Allen is George "Wash" Shelton's son. He is buried at the church where we eat dinner and where a good number of Sheltons settled.
There are several Sheltons who are members of this LIST and that have done extensive research on their particular family. They have always been very generous with information. If I had a specific question, I would send it to this LIST (the MOMILLER List, KV) as an e-mail.

1840 census:
There were four families of Sheltons living in Miller County in the 1840 census:

1840 census:------------------------------
David Shelton in a family of nine, four males and five females.
1850 census:------------------------------
David Shelton age 41 (Tn)
Ann age 39 (N.C.)
James age 18 (Mo)
Andrew age 16 (Mo)
Elizabeth age 14 (Mo)
Margaret age 12 (Mo)
Minerva age 10 (Mo)
Zerelda age 7 (Mo)
Christina age 5 (Mo)
Caroline age 3 (Mo)
1850 census:--------Living next door-----------------------
Abner Shelton age 22 (Mo) I believe Abner is David & Ann's son.
Martha age 21 (Tn)
James age 1 (Mo)

1840 census:
John Shelton in a family of two, him & his wife Elizabeth. John was born in North Carolina about 1778 and died 7/31/1855 in Missouri. Elizabeth was born in Tennessee about 1790. She died after the year 1855.
In the 1840 census they were listed as:
John age between 60-70
Elizabeth (Smith) age between 50-60
(The family tradition holds that her name was Holland, there is no solid evidence of the John Shelton who married Elizabeth Smith in Grainger Co. Tenn. in 1800 is the same John living in Miller co. in 1840 and Pulaski in 1850. )

Their children are believe to be: William, Mary/Polly married Jonathan
Margaret married William J. Hale, David, George, Levina married Wyatt
Stubblefield, James & Jason lived in Cooper Co., and Canazada married
William Henderson.
William A. Shelton is not the son of John and Elizabeth. The slightly younger William is. William married to Ann Spearman in Tennessee.

1840 census:--------------------------------
George W. Shelton in a family of eight, six males and two females.
George Shelton was married twice: Once to a Miss Roberds of McMinn
Tennessee. They had two sons, John and Edmund.
He later married Celia Burks on 4/10/1834 also of McMinn Tenn. The rest of
the children are from her. George is John & Elizabeth's son.
1850 census:--------------------------------
George Shelton age 35 (Ky)
Celia age 35 (Ky)
John age 18 (Tn)
Edmund age 16 (Tn)
William age 15 (Tn)
Mary age 13 (Tn) to 1st. Jesse Wilson, 2nd. James Hale,
3rd. Riley Messersmith.
Willis age 10 (Tn) stayed single.
James age 8 (Missouri) married Margaret Lawson.
Nancy age 6 (Mo) married George Wilson.
Leonidous age 4 (Mo)
Allen Taylor age 3 (Mo) married Rachel McKee.
GeorgeW. (Jr) 1 (Mo) Mary Jane Brandon.
Wiley Lee Shelton (born 1846) married Sarah Ellis.
Elizabeth Shelton (born 1852) married William Calbert, 12/29/1872.
Adeline Shelton (bn 1854) 1st. Scouby, 2nd. Ewing Robertson, 3rd. Dennis.
Jesse Shelton (bn.1859) to 1st.Laura Brandon, 2nd. Emma Biggs.
George died 7/20/1860 and Celia died 1/25/1898. Both are buried at Duncan

1840 census:-----------------------------
William Shelton in a family of ten, five males and five females.
1850 census:-----------------------------
William Shelton age 49 (Tn)
Ann age 54 (S.C.)
Edmond age 23 (Tn)
George age 21 (Tn)
William age 18 (Tn)
Margaret age 15 (Tn)
Andrew age 13 (Tn)
Martha Rodgers age 22 (Tn)

1850 census:
Thomas Shelton age 27 (Tn)
Elizabeth (Wright) age 24 (Tn)
Jane age 8 (Tn)
Candadia/Canazada? age 6 (Tn)
Martha age 4 (Tn)
John age 2 (Tn)
Josephine age 1 (Tn)

1850 census:
James Shelton married Olive Spurlock, 4/12/1843.
James Shelton married Leah Ann Gilleland, 8/5/1847.
James Shelton age 23 (Tn)
Leah age 25 (Ky)
William age 2 (Mo)
George age 1 (Mo)

1850 census:
William A. Shelton married Rachel Green, 9/19/1847.
William A. Shelton age 51 (N.C.) John & Elizabeth's son.
Rachel age 38 (Tn)
John age 22 (Ind)
Elizabeth age 20 (Ind)
Sarah age 18 (Ind)
Jane age 16 (Ind)
Edward age 14 (Ind)
Henry age 14 (Ind)
George age 12 (Mo)
Charlotte age 9 (Mo)
1860 census: (Richwood Twp)------------------
Rachel Shelton age 48 (Tn)
(living with Nathan & Delilah Lawson)

==================Equality Twp===================

1860 census; (Equality Twp)
John C. Shelton age 32 (Ind) William A. & Rachel's son.
Matilda age 32 (Tn)
James P. Dake age 16 (Ohio)

==================Osage Twp==================

1860 census: (Osage Twp)---------------------
William Shelton married Polly Ann Lawson, 2/22/1855.
William W. Shelton age 24 (Tn) George & Celia's son.
Polly A. age 22 (Tn)
Martha J. age 5 (Mo)
Mary O. age 2 (Mo)
Andrew J. age 8 months (Mo)
1870 census: (Osage Twp)----------------------
William W. Shelton age 33
Mary/Polly A. age 31
Mary O. age 13 (my gr-uncle Argaylus (Gay) Whitaker married Mary)
Andrew J. age 10 (Mo)
Louisa C. age 9
Harriet A. age 7
Sarah age 5
Josephine age 2
1880 census: (Osage Twp)--------------------------
William W. Shelton age 44 (Tn) parents (Tn)
Mary A. age 42 (Tn)
Martha J. age 24 (Mo)
Mary O. age 22
Andrew J. age 20
Louisa C. age 18
Harriet A. age 16
Sarah J. age 14
Josephine age 12
Millie R. age 10
George W. age 4
William C. age 2
James Renfro age 17 (Mo)
1900 census: (Osage Twp)-------------------------
William W. Shelton age 65 (Tn)
Mary A. age 63 (Tn)
William C. age 22 (Mo)
Owen R. age 15 (Mo)
William O. age 12 (Mo)

1860 census: (Osage Twp)---------------------
John Shelton age 28 (Tn) (George & Miss Roberd's son)
Elizabeth (Massey) age 26 (Mo)
Mary E. age 3 (Mo)
George W. age 1 (Mo)
1870 census: (Osage Twp)---------------------
John Shelton age 30? (38)
Elizabeth age 25? (36)
Mary E. age 12
George W. age 10
William M. age 7
Rosetta age 4 (married Stephen Helton, 12/22/1887.
1880 census: (Osage Twp)----------------------
John W. Shelton age 48 (Tn) parents (Tn)
Elizabeth age 45 (Mo) parents (Tn)
William M. age 14 (Mo)
Iva R. age 12 (Mo)
Alphonso age 9 (Mo)

1880 census: (Osage Twp)
George Shelton age 21 (Mo)
Louisa age 19 (Mo)
Mary A. age 1 (Mo)

1860 census: (Osage Twp)-----------------------
Edmund Shelton married Malissa Jane McCarty, 3/28/1852.
Edmund Shelton married Clariffa/Clarissa? J. Lawson, 6/20/1858.
Edmund Shelton age 26 (Tn) (George and Miss Roberd's son)
Clarissa/Clariffa? J. age 16 (Mo)
1870 census: (Osage Twp)------------------------
Edmund L. Shelton age 37
Clarissa J. (Lawson) age 27
Sarah E. age 10 (Mo) died young
Celia A. age 8 (Mo) married James Boyd.
James P. age 5 (Mo) married Nora A. Crismon
Mary C. age 1 (Mo) married James Crismon
1880 census: (Osage Twp)
Edward/Edmund F. Shelton age 46 (Tn) parents (Tn)
Claire A. D. age 36 (Mo) parents (Tn)
James age 15 (Mo)
Mary C. age 10 (Mo)
Louisa P. age 8 (Mo) married Henry Singer
William H. age 6 (Mo) stayed single
Nancy A. age 6 months (Mo) married Elbert Osborn
Clara Jane (born 1881) married Andrew Singer.
Edmund Shelton died in Miller County in 1886.
Clarissa married again to John P. Finney on 10/13 1889.

1870 census: (Osage Twp)
Leona S. W. Shelton age 25 (Mo)
Sarah E. age 21 (Tn)
Laura J. age 3 (Mo)
George W. age 1 (Mo)
John W. Martin age 21 (Mo)

1870 census: (Osage Twp) moved to Richwood Twp. for 1880.
George "Wash" Shelton age 20 (Mo)
Mary J. (Brandon) age 19 (Ala)
George W. Ramsey age 48 (Ky)

==================Richwood Twp=================

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
David Shelton age 53 (Tn) (John & Elizabeth's son)
Ann age 50 (N.C.)
James age 27 (Mo)
Zerelda age 17 (Mo)
Christina age 15 (Mo)
Caroline age 12 (Mo)
Sarah age 6 (Mo)
Elizabeth Renfro age 4 (Mo)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
Elizabeth Shelton age 23 (Mo)
(living with John & Martha Rouden)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
William Shelton age 27 (Tn)
Louisa J. age 18 (Tn)
Margaret A. age 1 (Mo)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)--------------------------
Elizabeth C. Shelton age 32 (Tn) Thomas Shelton's wife)
Dorcas age 15 (Tn)
Martha A. age 13 (Tn)
John M. age 11 (Tn)
Josephine age 9 (Mo)
William R. age 7 (Mo)
Lucy E. age 5 (Mo)
Thomas E. age 3 (Mo)
Edmund age 1 (Mo)
1880 census: (Richwood Twp)----------------------------
Elizabeth C. Shelton age 52 (Tn)
Edmund S. age 21 (Mo)
Isaac G. Shelton age 9 (Mo) gr-son

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
William Thomas Shelton married Mary Shelton, 8/2/1876.
Thomas Shelton age 22 (Mo) parents (Tn)
Mary A. age 17 (Ind)
William H. age 1 (Mo)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)-----------------------
Peter Shelton age 39 (Tn)
Rhoda (Barnett) age 39 (Tn)
Joseph age 18 (ILL)
Haman age 16 (ILL)
Elizabeth age 13 (Missouri)
Marte/Markum? age 10 (ILL)
Melvina age 8 (ILL)
Susan F. age 7 (Ky)
Mary J. age 5 (Missouri)
Asa age 2 (Mo)
Martha Barnett age 21 (Ky)
1880 census: (Richwood Twp)-------------------
Rhoda Shelton age 58 (Tn)
(living with her daughter & son-in-law, Marshall & Mary J. Duncan)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
Larkin L. Shelton age 47 (Tn)
Elmira (Duncan) age 46 (Tn)
Sarah age 18 (ILL)
Charles age 16 (ILL)
Andrew age 13 (ILL)
William L. age 10 (ILL)
Sevilla age 8 (ILL)
Elmira age 4 (ILL)
Francis M. Shelton age 21 (ILL)
Almira J. Shelton age 19 (Va)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
Shepherd Shelton age 56 (Ala) parents (Va)
Sarah A. age 53 (Tn)
Mary A. age 26 (Mo)
Susan F. age 22 (Mo)
George W. age 19 (Mo)
Wiley age 17 (Mo)
Sarah J. age 14 (Mo)
John age 12 (Mo)
Elmira Born age 29 (Mo) (Shepherd's daughter)
Shepherd Born age 9 (Mo) (gr-son)
Mary B. Born age 6 (Mo) (gr-dau)
Elizabeth A. Born age 4 (Mo) (gr-dau)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
Haman Shelton married Sarah Ann Smith, 12/18/1859.
Haman Shelton to Martha A. Williams, 4/2/1865. (1880 Auglaize Twp)
Herman/Haman? Shelton age 22 (Ky)
Sarah A. age 20 (ILL)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
George R. Shelton married Eliza E. Castleman, 2/10/1853.
George R. Shelton age 30 (Tn)
Eliza E. age 20 (Mo)
Eliza A. age 5 (Mo)
James W. age 1 (Mo)
Sarah Hickman age 16 (Mo)

1870 census: (Richwood Twp)
Emily Shelton age 16 (Mo)
(living with May E. Hickman)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
Anderson W. Shelton married Livonia Josephine West, 10/17/1858.
Anderson W. Shelton age 23 (Tn)
Samantha/Livonia? J. age 18 (Mo)
Traxonia L. age 1 month (Mo)

1860 census: (Richwood Twp)
James W. Shelton age 25 (Ala)
Hester A. age 19 (Mo)
John age 2 (Mo)
Francis M. age 1 (Mo)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
Minerva Shelton age 18 (Mo)
(living with William & Sarah Irwin)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
John C. Shelton age 23 (Mo) father (ILL) mother (Mo)
Mary W. age 21 (Ohio)
Louis F. age 2 (Mo)
Marion Shelton age 21 (brother)
Martha age 20 (Ohio) (sister-in-law)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
Martha Shelton age 19 (Mo)
Elmira J. Shelton 16 (Mo)
(living with mother & step-father, Robert & Hester Humphrey)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
William J. Shelton age 27 (ILL) father (Ky) mother (Tn)
Elmira M. age 24 (Mo)
Charles N. age 7 (Mo)
John W. age 5 (Mo)
Lunetta E. age 2 (Mo)
Elizabeth age 55 (Tn) (mother)
Percillia age 29 (ILL) (sister)
Nancy age 16 (ILL) (sister)
Lydia age 12 (ILL) (sister)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)------------------
Acy/Asa Shelton age 22 (Mo) father (Ala)
Sarah J. age 20 (Mo)
Ceny J. age 2 (Mo)
Alcena C. age 8 months (Mo)
1880 census: (Richwood Twp)------------------
Asa Shelton age 43
Sarah J. age 42
Alzena age 20
Peter J. age 18
Luettie J. age 16
Alvin S. age 14
Mary M. age 10
Ollie R. age 9
Bertha M. age 6

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)----------------------
Charles N. Shelton married Caroline Madden, 10/28/1876.
Charles N. Shelton age 24 (Tn) parents (Tn)
Caroline J. age 26 (Tn)
Mathew N. age 2 (Mo)
George T. age 1 (Mo)
1900 census: (Richwood Twp)----------------------
Charles N. Shelton age 45 (Tn)
Jemima L. age 46 )Tn)
Nora A. age 19 (Mo)
William D. age 18 (Mo)
Osker/Oscar E. 15 (Mo)
Mathew H. age 22 (Mo)
Alma M. age 17 (Mo)
George T. age 21 (Mo)
Missouri A. age 20 (Mo)
Webster E. age (May 1900) (Mo)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)
George W. Shelton age 20 (Tn) parents (Tn)
Emaline age 20 (Mo)

1880 census: (Richwood Twp)------------------
George "Wash" Shelton 32 (Mo) parents (Tn)
Mary Jane (Brandon) age 28 (Ala)
Durward/Doward B. age 7 (Mo)
William "Herb" age 6 (Mo)
Mary O. age 4 (Mo)
Edmund age 1 (Mo)
1900 census: (Richwood Twp)--------------------
George W. Shelton age 53
Mary Jane (Brandon) age 49
William H. age 25
Edmund J. age 21 (Mo)
Edith "Lou" age 19 (Mo) married my uncle Roe Whitaker.
George W. (Jr.) age 16 (Mo)
Sarah E. age 13 (Mo) married James Skaggs.
Allen T. age 11 (Mo) married Montie Dale Humphrey, 3/20/1910.

1900 census: (Richwood Twp)
Durward/Doward Shelton married Mattie Pendleton, 11/3/1892.
Durward/Doward Shelton age 29 (Mo)
Martha "Mattie" J. (Pendleton) age 26 (Mo)
Owen W. age 6 (Mo) married Anna Harmon.
Edith A. age 4 (Mo)
Lawrence B. age 3 (Mo)
Otto D. age 1 (Mo)

1900 census: (Richwood Twp)
Allen T. Shelton married Rachel McKee, 7/18/1875.
Allen Shelton age 52 (Mo)
Rachel age 45 (Mo)
Sarah E. age 22 (Mo)

1900 census: (Richwood Twp)
Charles Shelton age 41 (Mo) parents (Tn)
Rachel E. age 30 (Mo)
William H. age 20 (Mo)
Thomas S. age 18 (Mo)
John L. age 14 (Mo)
Blanche age 13 (Mo)
Emmett age 10 (Mo)
Bertha E. age 6 (Mo)
Glen R. age (Sept. 1899)

===================Auglaize/Glaize Twp==================

1860 census: (Glaize Twp)
Thomas L. Shelton age 30 (Tn)
Sarah S. age 27 (Mo)
Mary E. J. age 7 (Mo)
Letty age 4 (Mo)
Gilliam Duncan 18 (ILL)

1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)
James Shelton age 19 (Tn) parents (Tn)*** (brother& sister?)
(living with George & Elizabeth Anderson)

1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)
Susan Shelton age 16 (Tn) parents (Tn)***(brother & sister?)
(living with James & Mary Gilgore)

1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)
Haman Shelton married Martha A. Williams, 4/2/1865.
Hamon?Haman Shelton age 36? (42) (Ky) parents (Ky)
Martha A. E. age 41 (Ky) parents (Ky)
Mahalia age 14 (Ky)
Susan F. age 12 (Ky)
John B. age 10 (Missouri)
Peter age 6 (Mo)
Nancy A. age 3 (Mo)
James E. age 2 months (Mo)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
John B. Shelton married Nancy Ann Merdith, 11/20/1892
John B. Shelton age 30 (Mo)
Nancy A. age 31 (Mo)
Elmer E. age 6 (Mo)
Gilbert age 4 (Mo)

1880 census: (Auglaize Twp)-----------------------
Albert Shelton age 18 (Mo) father (ILL) mother (Tn)
Elizabeth age 24 (Mo)
Bennett age 1 (Mo)
1900 census: (Glaize Twp)-------------------------
Albert Shelton age 38
Elizabeth age 47? (44)
Myrtle age 11 (Mo)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
Bennett Shelton married Rhoda Ann Duncan, 12/17/1896.
Bennett B. age 21 (Mo)
Rhoda A. age 19 (Mo)
Willard A. age 2 (Mo)
Clemens age 1 (Mo)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
Peter Shelton age 25 (Mo) parents (Ky)
Susan age 32 (sister) (Mo)
Nancy A. age 23 (sister) (Mo)
James E. age 20 (brother) (Mo)
Harmon/Haman? age 16 (brother) (Mo)

1900 census: (Glaize Twp)
George W. Shelton age 40 (Mo)
Emily J. age 35 (Mo)
Lilly Olive age 15
John age 14
William age 12
Shepherd age 10
Dillard age 8
Mary Elsie age 4
Rutha E. age 3
Otis age 1

===================Saline Twp====================

1860 census: (Saline Twp)
Jane Shelton age 21 (Mo)
(living with Robert & Heziah Simpson)

1860 census: (Saline Twp)
George Shelton age 12 (Mo)
William Shelton age 10 (Mo)
Mary Shelton age 8 (Mo)
(living with Samuel & Mary Gilleland)

1860 census: (Saline Twp)
Elisha Shelton age 42 (Tn)

1870 census: (Saline Twp)-------------------
Thomas D. Shelton married Mary Gilleland, 2/28/1867.
Thomas Shelton age 29 (Mo)
Mary J. age 23 (Mo)
Lenora age 2 (Mo)
Martha J. Stout age 17 (Mo)
1880 census: (Saline Twp)------------------------
Thomas D. Shelton 39
Mary J. age 33
Laura E. age 12
Dollie B. age 9
Thomas A. age 3
1900 census: (Saline Twp)------------------------
Thomas Shelton age 59 (Mo)
Mary J. age 53
Allie F. Gibson age 11 (Mo) nephew
Missouri Gilleland age 73 (Mo) (Wd) mother-in-law

1880 census: (Saline Twp)
E. J. Shelton age 65 (Tn)
(living with John & Amanda Jobe)

1900 census: (Saline Twp)
Joel Shelton age ??? (Mo)
Mary R. age 24 (Mo)
Malinda J. age 2 (Mo)
Thomas M. age 1 (Mo)

===================Franklin Twp=================

1860 census: (Franklin Twp)
Reuben Shelton age 36 (Mo)
William L. Shelton age 34 (Mo)
(living with B. D. & Nancy Saling)

1870 census: (Franklin Twp)----------------------------
William L. Shelton married Martha Shelton, 12/18/1864.
William L. Shelton age 45 (Mo)
Annie age 28 (Mo)
John age 9 (Mo)
Emma age 7 (Mo)
George age 5 (Mo)
Giles age 3 (Mo)
Permelia age 1 (Mo) married James Lyman, 5/4/1890
Lewis Fairchild age 29 (Tn)
1880 census: (Franklin Twp)-----------------------------
William L. Shelton age 55
Annie E. age 38
John L. age 18
Emma W. age 17
George W. age 15
Giles H. age 13
M. E. age 10 female
T. E. age 9 female
Frank R. age 7
1900 census: (Franklin Twp)---------------------------
William L. Shelton age 74
Annie E. age 57
Emma age 37
George W. age 35 (wd)
Lon age 29
Frank R. age 27

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
Giles H. Shelton age 33 (Mo)
Mira age age 24 (Mo)
Lula B. age 3 (Mo)

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
John L. Shelton age 38 (Mo)
Alice age 31 (ILL)
Hanna E. age 10 (Mo)
Giles T. age 7 (Mo)

1900 census : (Franklin Twp)
F. S. Shelton age 34 (Mo)
Addie age 34 (Mo)
Bluford M. age 5 (Mo)
Willis G. age 1 (Mo)

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
Lula Shelton age 17 (Mo)
Ethel Shelton age 10 (Mo)
(living with their aunt & uncle, John & Eliza Brockman)

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
Rebecca Shelton age 25 (Mo)
Edward Shelton age 1 (Mo)
(living with John & Rosena Williams)

1880 census: (Franklin Twp)
Dr. George W. Shelton age 31 (Mo) parents (Tn)
Mattie age 21 (Ohio) parents (Pa)
Willie L. age 4 (Mo)
Blanche age 3 (Mo)
Claude age 10 months (Mo)
C. E. Kaufman age 27 (Mo)
J. A. Roark age 25 (Mo)

1880 census: (Franklin Twp)----------------
Reuben Shelton age 56 (Mo) parents (Tn)
(living with Isaac & Elizabeth Boyce)
1900 census: (Franklin Twp)---------------
Reuben Shelton age 77 (Mo) bachelor
(living with Martin & Emma McDaniel)

1900 census: (Franklin Twp)
Thomas W. Shelton age 57 (Tn)
Mathhia/Martha age 62 (Mo)
Wm. Thomas age 38 (Mo)
Mary M. age 32 (Mo)
Simon Miller age 25 (Mo) (boarder)

MARRIAGES: I am going to list the marriages according to the census
years in an effort to identify whose children they might be. Do not pay a
lot of attention to middle initials, they are wrong 50% of the time in

James Shelton to Olive Spurlock, 4/12/1843.
James Shelton to Leah Ann Gilleland, 8/5/1847.
William A. Shelton to Rachel Green, 9/19/1847.

Edmund R. Shelton to Malissa Jane McCarty, 3/28/1852.
George R. Shelton to Eliza E. Castleman, 2/10/1853.
William Shelton to Polly Ann Lawson, 2/22/1855.
Edmund F. Shelton to Clarissa J. Lawson,6/20/1858.
Anderson W. Shelton to Livonia Josephine West, 10/17/1858.
Haman Shelton to Sarah Ann Smith, 12/18/1859.

Bennett Shelton to Minerva J. Luttrell, 1/26/1860.
Charles Shelton to Martha Malinda Barnett, 1/29/1861.
James Shelton (Maries Co.) to Margaret Louisa Lawson, 12/1/1861.
William L. Shelton to Martha Shelton, 12/18/1864.
Haman Shelton to Martha A. Williams, 4/2/1865.
Andrew J. Shelton to Nancy M. Duncan, 3/26/1865.
William E. Shelton to Nancy E. Smith, 9/14/1865.
Bennett Shelton to Sarah Ann Brumley, 2/1/1866.
John Shelton to Martha Ann Elizabeth Carroll, 10/15/1866.
Thomas D. Shelton to Mary Gilleland, 2/28/1867.
James W. Shelton to Allys/Alice Newkirk, 11/21/1867.

Markum Shelton to Nancy Brauley, 10/3/1872.
George W. Shelton to Ella Mattie Miller, 1/31/1874
George W. Shelton to Eliza Sooter, 1/24/1878.
William T. Shelton to Mary Shelton, 8/2/1876
Charles N. Shelton to Caroline Madden, 10/28/1876.
John Shelton to Mary Marvin, 12/25/1876.

John Marion Shelton to Martha Marvin, 3/2/1880.
Andrew Shelton to Lee Elroy Berry, 5/1/1881.
Charles F. Shelton to Rachel Allen, 6/25/1889.
Edmund F. Shelton to Nancy Burgess, 9/21/1881.
George W. Shelton to Florence B. Cotton, 6/30/1891.
Henry Shelton to Nancy Jane Cotton, 2/6/1886.
James M. Shelton to Martha Adams, 11/1/1885.
Jesse Shelton to Laura I. Crismon, 8/31/1882.
W. R. Shelton to Julia Ann Wall, 6/11/1882.

Bennett Shelton to Rhoda Ann Duncan, 12/17/1896.
Durward/Doward B. Shelton to Mattie Pendleton, 11/3/1892.
Elisha E. Shelton to Addie M. Hill, 5/29/1894.
George W. Shelton to Cora Rowden, 9/2/1897.
John B. Shelton to Nancy Ann Merdith, 11/20/1892.
J. M. R. Shelton to Mary F. Stevens, 9/13/1898.
Mathew H. Shelton to Mary A. Spears, 12/20/1898.
Reuben Shelton to Rhoda Ann Duncan, 1/10/1897.

Alvin S. Shelton to Lena Cochran, 9/1/1907.
Edward I. Shelton to Flora A. Dake, 12/25/1902
James Everett Shelton to Ethel Dobson, 6/6/1906.
Oscar E. Shelton Tracy Jordan, 12/15/1906.
Peter Shelton to Martha Merdith, 11/24/1905.
William H. Shelton to Rosa M. Rooks 2/21/1908

Allen T. Shelton to Montie D. Humphrey, 3/18/1910.
Elmer E. Shelton to Edna Verlie Keles, 7/22/1915.
Nick Shelton to Bertha Whittle, 10/3/1912.
(J. K. Shelton gave consent)
Haman Shelton to Arvilla May Carroll, 10/22/1908.
James Shelton to Ella Eunice Brown, 12/15/1917.
Elbert Shelton to Monta Scott, 8/8/1918.
(Asa Shelton gave consent)
Mark Shelton to Nancy Harrison, 8/26/1918.
Willard Shelton to Verdie Watt, 3/26/1919.

Spurgeon Shelton to Clarice Waite, 6/11/1927.
(Peter Shelton & A. G. Waite gave consent)
Gilbert Shelton to Ada Condra, 12/16/1927
Birley Shelton to Goldie Whittle, 6/26/1926.
(Fannie Whittle gave consent)
Herman Shelton to Genia Denton, 11/6/1926.
(Bennett Shelton & M. H. Denton gave consent)
Clarence Shelton to Ida Duncan, 2/27/1923
(Bennett Shelton gave consent)
Clifford Shelton to Gladys Gilpin, 12/20/1923.
Charles Shelton to Ruby Golden, 12/24/1929.
Robert Shelton to Opal Denton, 11/18/1929.
(Bennett Shelton & Emma Denton gave consent)

Carl Shelton to Mary Phillips, 10/6/1937.
James H. Shelton to Viola Hutchinson, 6/20/1934.
(J. E. Shelton gave consent)
Jesse E. Shelton to Mabel Marshall, 8/22/1938.
Richard A. Shelton to Dorothy Horton, 12/13/1933.

Dannie Clemmons Shelton to Ida Lucille Stone, 9/12/1947.
James Clemmons Shelton to Salina Belle Witt, 8/8/1944.
James E. Shelton to Virginia Collier, 3/19/1949.
Louie Kenneth Shelton to Eleanor Musick, 6/28/1948.
Paul Gene Shelton to Lena Mae Shackleford, 5/3/1947.
(Spurgeon Shelton gave consent)
Walter O. Shelton to Lois Pauline Smith, 11/5/1942.

William K. Shelton to Geraldine Long. 6/15/1950.

Louisa Shelton to Alexander H. Green, 2/25/1848.
Jane Shelton to W. Elias Allen,, 6/3/1846
Elizabeth Shelton to Joel Allen, 10/18/1849.
Mary Shelton to Liberty Clifton, 12/4/1842.
Louisa Shelton to Alexander H. Green, 2/25/1848.

Mary Shelton to Isaac Renfro, 1/3/1850.
Eliza J. Shelton to William Tompson/Thompson, 5/15/1859.
Margaret Adeline Shelton to William S. Allen, 3/30/1854.
Milly Ann Shelton to Robbin Carter, 10/13/1853.
Elizabeth Shelton to Henry Morgan, 5/15/1859.
Margaret J. Shelton to A. J. Long, 11/13/1859.
Sarah B. Shelton to Michael Warren, 2/22/1855.

Darkis/Darcus Shelton to "Squire" John H. Ferguson, 6/4/1862.
Charlotte H. Shelton to E. W. Golden, 1/1/1860.
Elizabeth Shelton to Green Berry Duncan, 3/8/1866.
Eliza Jane Shelton to Noah H. Simmons, 7/15/1860.
Louisa Shelton to William Rowden, 5/20/1866.
Elmira Shelton to William L. Bourne, 9/2/1869.
Martha Shelton to James A. Burgess, 10/28/1866.
Elizabeth Shelton to James H. Newkirk, 3/1/1866.
Hester Ann Shelton to Thomas Humphrey, 2/27/1868.
Martha Minerva Shelton to Hiram Jones, 11/17/1861.
Sarah A. Shelton to Francis M. Keeth/Keith, 3/7/1864.
Sarah Isabel Shelton (Pulaski Co.) to William Perry Holt, 1/13/1865.
Savillah Shelton to John T. Mays, 4/9/1867.
Louisa Catherine Shelton to William Franklin Green, 2/1/1865.
Melvina Shelton to Marion Duncan, 8/12/1869.
Sarah M. Shelton to William J. Dunkin/Duncan, 12/18/1864.

Arementa Shelton to William Walls, 12/23/1875.
Eliza Shelton to Ellick Vickers, 11/5/1874.
Mary E. Shelton to William E. Lawson, 12/24/1874.
Martha Shelton to W. R. Short, 1/5/1870
Mary Ann Shelton to John R. Keeth/Keith, 6/16/1878.
Mary O. Shelton to Argaylus Whitaker, 12/16/1877.
Sarah A. Shelton to Isaac Zumalt, 2/14/1876.
Seley/Celia Adeline Shelton to James Boyd, 8/7/1879.
Eliza E. Shelton to George D. Sickendick, 7/12/1876.

Elizabeth Shelton to William Calbert, 12/29/1872.
Emily Shelton to Joseph Davidson, 6/8/1877
Julia/July Shelton to John Brumley, 10/16/1873.
Louisa C. Shelton to F. G. Fancher, 11/7/1878.
Mary Jane Shelton to Marshall Duncan, 10/21/1878.
Martha A. Shelton to Bennett Haney, 8/22/1880.
Mary Shelton to Thomas Stanton, 7/8/1880
Minerva Shelton to Huet Johnson Jones, 3/29/1881.
Susan Shelton to John Stoner, 6/6/1880.
Clarissa Shelton (Lawson) to John Finney, 10/13/1889. (Edmund's wife?)
L. E. Shelton to George A. Long, 9/27/1888.
Mahala Shelton to Marion F. Willbanks, 8/19/1886.
Priscilla Shelton to Willis V. Long, 11/2/1882.
Sarah J. Shelton to William Burd, 1/4/1885.
Susan Shelton to George W. McDowell, (Camden Co.) 1/8/1885.
Sarah J. Shelton to Henry W. Strutton, 6/6/1886.

Nora E. Shelton to John C. Johnston, 2/25/1890.
Nancy Harriet Shelton to William R. Long, 10/13/1891.
Dollie M. Shelton to Add E. Walser, 9/9/1890.
Asuella Shelton to Elbert L. Osborn, 1/30/1898.
Cora Shelton to D. A. Hickey, 2/13/1899.
Mary O. Shelton to Robert B. Thompson, 5/26/1892.
(G. W. Shelton gave consent)
Minnie Shelton to James L. Means, 10/17/1899.
Alzena "Sena" Shelton to Bluford Shelton, 10/8/1893.
(Asa Shelton gave consent)

Clara Shelton to Andrew Singer, 2/9/1902
Lillie shelton to John M. Gilliam, 4/3/1904.
Lou Shelton to Monroe "Roe" Whitaker, 3/19/1903 (My uncle)
Nancy Shelton to Bentley H. Burks, 6/2/1901.
Ollie Myrtle Shelton to James O. Duncan (Orphan), 11/11/1906
Rebecca Shelton to John P. Jobe, 9/19/1901.
Sarah Shelton to Fred P. Crismon, 5/31/1903.
Susan F. Shelton to James Albert Merdith, 4/9/1908.

Edith Shelton to James P. Wilson, 9/20/1916.
Edna Shelton to Simon Allen, 7/29/1916.
Eliza Shelton to James M. Skaggs, 10/21/1909.
Ella Shelton to Warren Pendleton, 9/13/1910.
Eveline Shelton to John M. Ferguson, 12/??/1914.
Hanna Emma Shelton to James Monroe Denison, 8/22/1910.
Letha Shelton to George Elmer Wyrick, 7/20/1908.
Ollie Shelton to Pearly Keeth, 3/20/1912.
(Joseph & Alice Shelton gave consent)
Sylvia Shelton to William W. Robertson, 3/26/1917
Hannah Emma Shelton to A. G. Mitchell, 2/11/1919.
Ollie Shelton to James C. Witt, 9/17/1919.

Emma Shelton to Lonnie Colvin, 10/21/1921.
Litha Shelton to L. M. Gilliam, 9/15/1921.
Mary Shelton to Joseph Lurton Jr., 12/21/1921.
Rosey Shelton to F. D. Musick, 3/31/1924.
Sirilda Shelton to Wade Brumley, 8/14/1923.
(Bennett Shelton gave consent)
Tilda Shelton to Everett Witt, 10/29/1924.
(Bennett Shelton gave consent)

Berchie Shelton to Charles Whittle, 10/28/1935.
Cleo Shelton to Thomas O. Cotten, 11/11/1936.
Georgia Shelton to Perry Phillips, 8/9/1938.
Margie Shelton to William H. Clark, 4/20/1932.
(Allen Shelton gave consent)
Mildred Shelton to Grant Cochran, 1/31/1936.
Mae Shelton to Gail Brumley, 5/9/1939.

Altha M. Shelton to Raymond C. Shackleford, 9/25/1940.
Catherine Shelton to Charles W. Caldwell, 7/5/1940.
Edna Allene Shelton to Okley Kinder, 6/16/1946.
Ina L. Shelton to Ewell F. Luttrell, 10/11/1941.
Ineta/Neta Shelton to Noel C. Colvin, 4/14/1945.
Lura P. Shelton to Jesse Arthur Law, 5/15/1946.
Veta Lee Shelton to Truman Ellis Humphrey, 6/23/1947.
(Pearl Shelton gave consent)
Wilma Lee Shelton to ??? Gardner,


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